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Our Approach.


A relatively small part of the interview process is about knowledge. Interviews are really communication exercises where you are expected to demonstrate your suitability in a mature, enthusiastic and confident manner.

It is often quoted that interviewers make their decision about your suitability to a post within the first 30 – 60 seconds! They then spend the rest of the allocated interview time justifying their initial impression about you. Obviously within specialised roles it is vital to be able to demonstrate that you have the required qualifications and knowledge or skill set. This will usually be determined from your CV and if granted an interview, it is then time to “sell yourself” with confidence.


Building your confidence.

Effectively managing nerves, using practical tips and techniques, so that you are able to effectively represent your skills and experience.

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Structuring your answers to Our competency-based interview questions.

Communicating effectively and preventing rambling so that interview panels can better hear, understand and assess you as a candidate.


Learning how to “sell” yourself.

Using simple sales techniques to highlight what you bring to the role.


3 Stages.

The i4 Training Interview Skills Programme is a learning experience that has been developed and refined over the last 7 years. The blend of 1 to 1 coaching, self-learning and tailored worksheet materials is designed to maximise effectiveness, practical application and value. The programme consists of 3 stages;

i4 Training also provides 1:1 coaching for clients from a broad range of industries and organisations. 


Stage 1.

An initial 10 – 15 min phone or video call conversation. This will allow me to assess your needs and brief you on the i4 Training interview skills process.

hand putting the last piece of white puzzle for business

Stage 2.

A 45 min video (tailored to your career situation) and accompanying i4 Training interview readiness materials. The self-learning approach introduces the key concepts of this programme and allows you to work through the worksheets at your own pace. This stage is to be completed prior to stage 3 so that you maximise our 1 to 1 coaching session.

Stage 3.

A 1 to 1 coaching session to practice a mock interview, embed new skills and receive real time interview skills feedback. The 1 to 1 session can be delivered either via Zoom/WebEx or face to face (where feasible) and typically last 2hrs.

Learning Objectives.

By the end of the training session delegates will

  • Understand the importance of preparation, including brainstorming their skills and experience.

  • Be able to create a positive first impression with impact!

  • Discover how effective body language can greatly influence the outcome of any interaction.

  • Have practised “selling themselves” in an interview situation. (with video feedback on request)

  • Discussed how to handle difficult interview questions.



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