Time Management .

Get Practical with your Productivity

Our Approach.

Time to reflect

The programme will provide essential skills to improve people’s ability to manage time and will build confidence around being able to tackle challenging workloads. 

The sessions will be packed with tangible tips and ideas to increase productivity and reduce levels of stress resulting from feeling over-whelmed.

The content will focus on key project management skills including; planning, prioritisation, monitoring progress, delegation and ability to provide feedback. 

Key ideas and suggestions for managing the current pandemic situation will be built into the programme. The continued productivity, focus and resilience of all team members is key to carry through this challenging time.

Through discussion and role play the group will draw on their own experiences of being able to implement good practice in order to enhance their own existing skills.


Learning Objectives.

By the end of the programme, the delegates will have;

  1. Discussed the challenges involved in managing workload, including projects involving internal and external stakeholders. This will include the ability to map out key tasks to be able to monitor achievements and progress made.

  2. Reviewed established time management tools, including Stephen Covey’s Prioritisation Matrix and the Self-Care Wheel.

  3. Practiced the ability to effectively delegate to others, including the ability to give positive and constructive feedback to nip potential issues in the bud.

  4. Learnt practical ways to manage not only their own workload but also that of their colleagues remotely during the current pandemic. The 4MAT model of effective communication will be utilised to ensure everyone is clear on levels of responsibility and time frames involved. 

  5. Explored how to manage stress into productivity. How to remain in control, make clean decisions, mind your boundaries and personally become more resilient in the way you approach different situations.



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