Motivational Interviewing.

Mobilising ambivalent individuals towards lasting change

Course Objectives.

Much of health care today involves helping patients manage conditions whose outcomes can be greatly influenced by behaviour or lifestyle changes. Managing chronic conditions is a challenge for both patients and clinicians. One technique that can help confront this challenge is Motivational Interviewing. The aim of this session is to acquire an understanding of basic concepts and methods of Motivational Interviewing. The focus of the course will be how this communication technique is applicable to the clinical setting with patients. How do health care professionals motivate patients to make lasting change, which in turn will improve retention and compliance rates?

Target Audience.

Any clinician working with patients who spends time encouraging patients to consider behavioural change. Many of the techniques covered will also be beneficial when working with co-workers who seem resistant to change.


Course Content.

By the end of the programme, the delegates will have
  1. Be able to state the 4 key processes used to increase patient engagement & harness their own motivation to change.
  2. Understanding Ambivalence and the effect of the “Righting Reflex” on people considering change.
  3. Have amble opportunity through various role plays to practice effective reflective listening and questioning techniques.
  4. Be able to recognise Change and Sustain Talk in order to mobilise a patient towards a plan for the future.



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