Staff Engagement.

Motivating & Supporting Staff During Challenging Times

Our Approach.

The programme will encourage self-reflection on your personal management style and choice of behaviours. This will be beneficial not only in the current climate but will also set up good habits that can be employed in the future.

The intervention will encourage discussion and the sharing of ideas based on delegates current experience. Managers will experience increased confidence levels as a result of several role plays and leave with tangible tools to take back to their teams.

The over-riding aim of these interactive online workshops is to provide an opportunity for managers to reflect and discuss effective management skills.

The key output from the sessions will be that each manager leaves committed to make 2 or 3 behavioural changes so that they become more memorable mangers. These will specifically focus on the recent challenges faced when managing employees remotely.

80% of the variation in employee engagement sits with the line manager.

“Engage for Success” D. Macleod


Learning Objectives.

By the end of the programme, the delegates will have;

  1. Understood the importance of setting clear expectations, including plans for review in order to encourage autonomy and empowerment.

  2. Understood the importance of individual and team values – how these link to resilience and the ability to improve staff retention.

  3. Learnt about practical ways to improve communication: The ability to listen, use effective questioning techniques, how to increase levels of staff contribution and manage conflict.

  4. Practiced how to give and receive effective feedback in order to recognise effort and nip potential issues in the bud at a local level. Being able to confidently escalate concerns related to patient care.

  5. Reflected on the importance of personal resilience. In order to look after our teams, we need to look after our own mental health and well-being.



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