Presentation Skills.

It’s not what you say it’s how you say it

Our Approach.

Being able to effectively present material is now a core element of many professional’s roles. Doing this concisely and in an engaging way whilst appearing confident is the challenge!

Many people dread standing up in front of their colleagues and forget that by learning key presentation skills, they can in fact, impart the knowledge that the audiences are looking for. 

Making effective business presentations is a vital skill to master. It is useful to think of it as just that, a “skill”, and that all skills can be learnt and practised.  Nearly all presenters and speakers can feel nervous, in fact some say that feeling the adrenaline flowing is useful – it is being able to control the unwanted nervous energy that takes practice.  Being able to present well is largely a result of good preparation and planning, followed by lots and lots of practice. Even “good” presenters are able to benefit from training in presentation skills, if only to fine tune their existing skills and learn from others’ styles.

The aim of the presentation skills session is to build on and fine tune existing skills. Delegates will experience increased confidence levels around presenting to groups and leave with top tips to become more effective.


Learning Objectives.

By the end of the programme, the delegates will have;

  1. Understood the importance of preparation and effective design of a presentation.

  2. Learnt how to engage their audience using effective body language and eye contact.

  3. Have discussed use of visual aids in order to help and not hinder the presentation!

  4. Been up on their feet several times, in order to cement learning (video-ing available on request)

  5. Practised being able to handle the Q & A s, and then wrap up with a high impact closing statement.



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