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Our Approach.

The over-riding aim of the intervention is to explore how to embed Transformational Leadership practice within your business. More specifically, to take time to reflect on our current practice so that we can effectively lead our teams through changing or challenging times.

Delegates will hear from each other about how they have personally navigated their leadership journey in line with Transformational Leadership Theory. (Pre-work will be sent out)

How have they; Challenged, Inspired, Enabled, Modelled and Encouraged others within their own environment?

Delegates will reflect on their roles and responsibilities as leaders and leave with tangible ideas about how to have impact as leaders within their own work area.

The workshop will have an appropriate structure, will encourage full participation and result in practical “take-aways”.


Learning Objectives.

By the end of the 1-day classroom-based workshop or 3 “bite-sized” 90 min, remotely delivered sessions, delegates will

  1. Reflect on how they can aspire to be a more effective leader in the future. How can they practically Challenge, Inspire, Enable, Model and Encourage others?
  2. Have heard brief reflections on the topic of Transformational Leadership from other managers enrolled in the workshop. The managers will be sharing examples of how they have personally demonstrated the 5 key principles of Transformational Leadership in practice & how they feel these principles relate to the current situation.
  3. Discuss how this specific leadership theory differs from other well know approaches such as Blanchard’s Situational Leadership model.
  4. Through group discussion, leave with practical ideas to take back to their own work place.

NB. i4 Training would also be able to design Leadership programmes for individual businesses based on specific learning objectives. These are flexible in duration, format and content to ensure that delegates attending leave with tangible ways to change cognitive habits to become more effective in their leadership role.



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